Friday, September 4, 2009

kitchadi -YSR

..not a good week for AP, their charismatic leader has perished in an tragic accident. i have read several news now that, how he gave importance to farmers and agriculture sector. in my opinion Indian politics is very simple, if you are ready to take care of the farmers or rural sector, you will never be in danger of losing. Chandrababu naidu , SM krishna, these leaders were too friendly with IT sector and spent most of their time in IT revolution, they created lakhs of opportunity in IT still the very next election they faced they lost.somewhere they forgot about the farmers plight.
2 days after the accident, emotions and sentiments are still running high in AP, over 60 people have died either by suicide or heart attack now. sentimental idiots.


...all weekends have become sports weekend for me now, just recently i
noticed that i am getting close to 8 sports channel in my TV. last 2 weeks have been spent watching some late night English premier league matches, F1 force India podium finish, and on Monday Nehru cup final,which India won. one of the major event i failed watching live in the past weeks was 100m,200m world record by bolt. they say next major event for bolt is commonwealth games, i am planning to visit Delhi to watch the event.

sania mirza received "double bagle" in US open, for those of you who doesn't know what double bagle, it is losing 6-0,6-0. a very very rare scoreline in major events. usually when we play tennis at my office, and if something like this scoreline comes, we used to give some charity point, so that the opponent is not too embarrassed.

movies...if somebody can suggest a good movie i will see that movie and write review . none of the movie i am seeing are worth writing reviews this week.


மணிகண்டன் said...

Enjoy the sports weekends sam.

There is a movie called yaarukku yaaro step nee scripted by james stanley. you can watch that in youtube. awaiting your review.

Sammy said...

mani. first time hearing the movie name, will write review only if it is good.

Jegu said...

Did you see that movie... we need your review.. :)