Monday, October 26, 2009

A weak chirping sound.

coming off from work, started using social networking sites, i was one of the late entries in orkut and was amazed how all friends who i never hoped to meet where there right inside my machine,scrapping me messages, sharing cool.

then one of my friend introduced to blogging. it was instant. blogging was like writing diary, i kept writing,writing,writing without caring how many people ever read my blogs. solitary comments came now and then, asking me to keep writing.sometime i read back the old blogs and relive if there are any special moments i have written and also gets amazed sometimes on my poor writing skills.

one thing i noticed in blog world is tamil blogging group,the group was a very interactive group, and i also noticed that tamil bloggers took special care in encouraging new bloggers to write by giving them awards, referring blogs within blogs. acknowledging good writing. and also somehow all bloggers looked like close friends sharing all good and bad news amongst readers.sometimes forming a group and helping people financially and morally on crisis situation. but along with these comes the negative part, you will see few comments, like writing bad about one personally, also some even writing a full post just to attack someone personally, and sometimes even ending up in body blows, hospital admissions (even these body blows and hospital admissions will be published in blogs). and there are few people who feel like writing whatever in mind is a very good form of writing and use bad words very liberally on a public forum. here i got a bit cautious, i like writing in tamil and i like arguing without any purpose (mostly to irritate the author on the subject), hot topics in tamil blogging will always be on religion divide(another matter of concern).i wish to read and write cautiously(to avoid body blows) more on tamil blogs.

the latest addiction which is stopping me from publishing my weekly blogs, twitter, i was attracted to twitter mainly because twitter was always the first to report a breaking news across the was twitter that reported president obama called kayne a 'jackass'. being a news maniac i signed up to twitter and found that it is actually a micro blogging site. to be simple you can blog in 140 words. and if you follow people correctly, just login to twitter and you will know all that you like to hear and read on internet on a single screen, many business are using twitter now, recruitment agencies are also using twitter for recruitment.if you wish to follow me you can follow at
after starting to use twitter,i hardly login to my orkut or facebook account.hopefully my blogging is not as much affected like orkut.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

october kitchadi ...

weeks after obama was severely snubbed in denmark, thanks to olympics 2016. another european country, norway decided the guy is not bad after all and decided to offer the highest honour award one can imagine. mr.president was very gracious and humble in accepting the award.internet was set ablaze when the news came out, there was one comment i liked the most. //Fourth US President to win a Nobel, first to get one BEFORE he does anything//.

i must admit i am starting to enjoy the champions league t20 tournament happening in india, only because in the first week all the indian teams were dusted and brought to ground, when i imagine the amount of money spent on indian teams, and compare the same with other teams. does money destroy talent ? . in soccer i guess the most costliest teams are invariably table toppers. whereas in cricket mumbai, kolkatta..costliest teams have always fought only for wooden spoon. does this mean these business guys did not know where to put the money? or cricket is a game where you can have bunch of talented players and still lose.

two IPL teams have apparoached steve waugh for a coaching assignment, the guy very famous for his social cause and charity work in kolkataa declined the offer, only because he didn't want his charity work to be affected, i am not here to compare him with other indian players who only come in news for the record's they are setting in marketing deal's. charity is one thing you are not supposed to compare or speak out loud, a fmaous phrase for charity "your left hand should not know what your right hand has given" yet, for me guys like steve waugh are real cricketing legends.

there was a quiz i asked in my earlier post, answers are given below.
1. photo of udham singh when he was arrested in england. he ws the person who assasinated dyer for avenging jalian wallabagh massacare. he was also closely assosciated with bhagat singh.

2. the paper photo was blank editorial of indian express when emergeny was declared by indhira gandhi.

3."Babe" Didrikson Zaharias. In the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics, she won two gold medals in the javelin and the 80m hurdles event. In High jump category, the judges, however, disallowed her jumping style (jumping over headfirst) in the final tie breaker jump. And she was stripped of Gold medal for high jump. But strangely she was allowed to keep the silver medal. Pic 3 shows The Babe Didrikson Zaharias Museum in Beaumont which is also the chamber of commerce welcoming center.

4.Brand Obama (connection)
Yes Pecan’ in support of Obama(Yes We Can) during his campaign.Pepsi had temporarily changed its logo in the U.S to support Obama.Ikea too launched an ‘Embrace the Change’ campaign inspired by Obama

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tamil Blog

native tamilians are welcome to read my new blog. henceforth this blog will be used only for english writing.