Friday, August 21, 2009


this week we will see about alphabet 'J'

you go to a kid or guy like me in current generation and say the word 'partition' you most likely end up having conversation on how to partition your hard disk in computer, well 80 years ago the word 'partition' meant partition of undivided british ruled india, and the man behind it all was jinnah, BJP leader sometimes have praised jinnah, as he had opposed congress before independence. Advani once told jinnah was secular, and faced the wrath of RSS,he even cried on national TV when speaking about the incident. the other senior leader who had watched all these does not seem to have learnt the lesson.

Jaswant Singh.
our jaswant singh went a step further, after praising jinnah, he went on to criticize nehru and sardar vallabhai patel for partition..
just in case you do no not know how important he was for BJP, remember kandahar, IC-814, terrorist were released for exchange of hostages. it was jaswant singh who went with the terrorist to secure the release of hostage. now our jaswant singh did some historic research and writes a book about jinnah, he was promptly thrown out of the party.

in tamil if a lady is un-married you are supposed to call her 'selvi', if married you should call her 'tirumathi'. now you might be wondering why i am taking tamil lessons. well our CM karunanidhi has called jayalalitha 'tirumathi' obviously refering to her past or god knows what..but i think this is certainly very low of an leader or CM to call someone like this. (sorry guys..since this post is about 'J' alphabet i have to include this)

Jonathan Trott
after KP, another South african has come to haunt aussies in the ashes, it was a debut match for jonathan trott, a decider for the series, a crumbling pitch, but still the guy managed to hit a ton on his second innings.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


actually writing kitcadi is becoming very easy for me. just try to remember the top news that happened in the week, add some opinion of yours and write it..ok this week was really boring, i got caught myself in a marathon project meeting on friday evening, add to that, i missed the DJ night that happened in my office for I-day celebration. however i did managed to attend other celebrations that happened in the afternoon, courtesy lunch break.

//4 swine flue death in bangalore //
still i have not seen much panic in the city yet,agreed some schools have panicked, closed down, but i have not seen anybody in my office with surgical mask. however when you come to public transpaort, you will find IT girls using their duppatah as surgical mask, i think their fashion statement does not allow surgical mask,guys in public transport are scared a lot, you will find atleast 3-4 guys with absolutely no symptoms wearing mask. from what i have seen the infections have spread a lot. the proportion of infection to the number of death reported is still less. somewhere i read that even though there is no medicine to prevent the infection, over a period of time, human body itself will build its own defense mechanism against this virus.

//I-day headlines ///
what will be the headlines in a i-day ?, obviously there will be a presidents message on the eve, and prime minister message after flag hoisting. neither of these were top news in india. gues what, sharukh khan hogged all the headlines, apparently sharukh khan name flashed a red alert in a US airport,and state homeland questioned him for 2 hours. our Don got p****d off, wonder why there was so much fuss about questioning him for 2 hours. agreed he is a global icon, agreed he represents indian entertainment industry. without any offense to srk fans, we all know how bollywood industry was connected to D-company and underworld some time back, and how some have funded it. media went overboard to make a fuss, one channel reported people all over india are hugely upset on independence day for what happened to SRK.

kichadi over....will be continued next week.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

celebrity sport

current faces of indian cricket, harbhajan and yuvraj have given out statements on how it is unacceptable for them as cricketers in india to sign the clause. nobody seems to convince them, initially mahesh bhupathi and sania mirza tried to send a message to them, they spoke about how as a sportsmen they had a moral obligations to be part of the system like this, and how they didnt have any objection to that. then came Abhnav bhindra, the only person to have won a individual olympic gold, well abhinvav went a step further, he told basically the issue is to do with the lack of knowledge on the clause for cricketers and went on to gave a short guide on how to folow the WADA gudielines without much fuss, and how he has been following it. then came badmiton sensation 19 year old saina nehwal, well i liked her comments a lot, her comment came immediatly after yuvraj comments came on how it affects his time with family and how they are much superior,in terms of the number of times they are on foreign tour, saina straight away rubbished the theory of cricketers spending less time with family and hence cannot be compared with other sportsmen.
now our crciketers who are still thinking themselves as a special breed of sportsmen,are thinking who are these guys to advice them, they had easily insulted president of india and had get away with that, they had rebuffed sports minister number of times, now who are these other sportsmen to advice them.

i have read various forums supporting cricketers stand, most of the arguments would be

//in a calendar year they paly a lot, unlike other sportsmen, they get very little time with family,//
this was the reason abhinav bindra gave a special guide on how to follow, he goes on to explain howit will easily blend into your daily routine and in short he says ""... you’re ready to pee when you get up in the morning and that’s all they would ask for.”

//BCCI accepts any in-competition testing,but outside the competitionit is not acceptable for them //
of all the arguments this sounded the most childish one for me, we all know cricketers are prone to injuries, waht if these injured players take some banned drugs to come out of these injuries fast, i think this was the precise reason out of competition testing have started in world sports.

//crciket is a skilled game, performance enhancing drugs cannot be used to influence the game///
we play test matches for 5 days, bowlers bowl long spells for 10-15 overs without break,batsmen sometime bat continously for an entire day, i cannot see this happening in many other sports in the world. if that is not enough why does a shooter like abhinav has to go through all the torture of drugs testing, what does a olyimpic shooter can benefit from drugs, or how tiger woods, who had already signed up with WADA can benefit

//cricketers are natinal treasure, they are at security risk,if they are to tell about their whereabouts to WADA //
this is the single most valuabe reason that BCCI would be fighting, already sachin and dhoni are terrorist target for some time now. may be they need some excpetion.

whereabouts clause is controverisal accpeted, but there are different ways to protest, you dont come out and show yourself as a superior breed when compared to other sports in india. few years back it was dravid, ganguly and sachin who were the face of cricket in india, now we have harbhajan, yuvraj and dhoni...

Friday, August 7, 2009

ரிச்சர்ட் கீர்

ரிச்சர்ட் கீர்..... ரொம்ப பிரபலமான ஹாலிவூட் நடிகர், ஒரு ரெண்டு வருஷம் முன்னாடி இந்திய வந்தார், AIDS விளிப்புனர்வுக்காக வந்தவர், கொஞ்சம் உணர்ச்சிவசப்பட்டு சில்பாவிடம் சில சில்மிஷம் பன்னார், அட உடனே ரொம்ப கற்பனை பண்ணாதீங்க, விழா மேடை ஒன்றில் அம்மணியை ரெண்டு சுத்து சுத்தி கன்னத்தில் பச்சக், நம்ம ஊரு செய்தி தாள்கள், மீடியா விடுவார்களா ? படத்தையும், வீடியோவையும் போட்டு போட்டு காமிச்சார்கள், கலாசார காவலர்கள் (moral police), அய்யகோ நெஞ்சம் பொறுக்குதில்லையே சொல்லிட்டு , கொடும்பாவிலாம் எரிச்சு, கடைசில நிதீமன்றத்துல ஒரு கேஸ் போட்டு, நீதிமன்றமும் அவர் கைது பண்ண சொல்லி அரச்ட் வார்ரன்ட் பிரப்பிச்சிது, இன்னும் கூட அந்த வார்ரன்ட் இருக்குங்க, அவர் இந்தியாவுக்கு அடுத்த தடவை வந்தா கண்டிப்பா கைது பண்ணுவாங்க, பொது சேவை,விழிப்புணர்வு சொல்லிட்டு அடிகடி இந்தியா வந்தவர், அதற்கு அப்புறம் இந்த பக்கம் தலை வச்சு கூட பார்கலை ....

அட இப்போ எதுக்குங்க பழைய விஷயத்தை கிளரிகிட்டு, இதை நான் எழுதிறேனு நீங்க நினைக்கலாம், விஷயம் இருக்குங்க, இங்க மற்றொரு ரிச்சர்ட் கீர், உருவாகிட்டு இருக்காருங்க..



ஆமாங்க இவர் தாங்க இந்தியாவின் ரிச்சர்ட் கீர் !

இந்த படம் செய்திகளில் ரொம்ப வெளிய வரவில்லை, எனக்கு தொடர் மின்னஞ்சலில் வந்தது, கொஞ்சம் சுவாரஸ்யமா இருந்தது, அதாங்க என்னுடைய பதிவில் போட்டேன் வேற எந்த காரணமும் இல்லை ....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

spirit of cricket

..if somebody asks me about best photographs captured in a cricket pitch, i would rate this right at the top. what is so special about this, read on.

Imagine India vs pakistan match in a worldcup match, animosity and importance of the match will be similar when it comes to ashes series, some say it is the mother of all test series. here it was england fighting a very hard batlle and just when they thought they had the match in hand, Aussies last wicket pair put up a tough fight, for almost 10-15 overs bret lee took several body blows, faced fiery bowling from harmison, flintoff and co.

this match happened in edgbaston ground, in birmingham. second match of the 2005 ashes series which aussies were leading 1-0. flintoff played a big part in the match, made significant batting scores in both innings and bowled a very decisive match winning spells, there was one spell where he was literally unplayable and also took 3 wickets in 4 balls.

from an win situation for england, the match went to the point when aussies were left with just 3 runs to get, with 1 wicket left. then kaprowicz made that fatal mistake, instead of taking another blow in his body or ducking under a fast bouncer, i think till date for england this would be an magical moment, after the final wicket,crowds and barmy army went bersek, palyers went crazy celebrating the win. then came this picture, being the man of the match and playing is heart out, flintoff didnt rush to the stumps to collect memorablia, or was not found running around the ground with shirts removed. he went down on his knees and was seen consoling bret lee, who took several body blows from his bowling.

though unfair, there are another 2 parallel instances i always compare this with

aus vs india, 2nd test match, sydney, remember how they celbrated in sydney when india was in a similar situation and the final batsmen left was anil kumble who was also then captain. nobody even bothered to shake hands with him, the team won the match only because of bucknor blunders, but still celebrated as though they have captured the world.second.this might not be a right comparison, ind vs pak in T20 WC final. miserable misbah,.dhoni's boys.

when engalnd finally won the ashes series, and all the soccer like celebration were over. Flintoff was asked to comment on that incident of him consoling bret lee..what did he really say to bret lee. he answered them in humour, part of the transcript

"".....We were all celebrating and I saw Brett Lee down on his knees and I just went up to him, put my arm around him and said: It's 1-1 you Aussie Bastard!"""'

years later, bret lee when asked for a comment..was serious in his answer.
""That moment for him to come down and shake hands, and the photo that came out of it, that to me is the spirit of cricket. """

Sunday, August 2, 2009

sunday i lost my cooling glass, it would be close to 3 years since i purchased, and i rarely used it. as i was getting ready to church i found that my coolers were lying near my vehicle key, and as usual i ignored its existence. as i was proceeding out of house i realised i was wearing a very beautiful blue t-shirt (self build up...kindly ignore), and went on to imagine how my blue coolers would be a perfect match..for my wear. this is how i weared my cooling glass.

church service went on well, and on my way back to our house we stopped by to look after few things in a levis showroom, though it was meant to be a window shopping for me, i was very impressed with an slim fit, black caudroy full hand shirt. one young lady in the shop saw my interest and asked me to check if it fits in a trial room. now this is where i lost my precious posession. so i kept my coolers in the change room and then checked the shirt, was very happy with the fit, and checked out of the shop paying for the shirt, much happy with the unexpected purchase in the morning. on my way back to house we stopped by in a restaurant, and for a change in sunday we had a vegetarian food and just as i was getting back into the house, i realised i was not having my dress matching coolers over my nose.

i speeded back to the shop only to be told by their staff that it is difficult to get back that cooling glass. one guy there went on to tell how people have lost 30k-40k costing mobiles in the change room, and few people who have also lost their wallet. though i am not much worried about the value of my coolers, it was kind of stylish one (atleast thats what i thought) which i had for a long time. i wrote my name and number in a book in the shop asking those guys to call me if something comes up in the end of day.

hopefully i will think of some better things to write in my next weekend.