Saturday, September 26, 2009

Quizzing week...

this week i got into a quizing tsunami, let me explain how it all started, last friday i was introduced to an ethical hacker and a quizzer, and it was easy for me to ineract with him in the second category, so it all started with who is vice president of india question, and went on to more advanced questions. it continued even in office, i was getting close to 50-60 mails daily on the week asking some quiz questions. participants in this mail contest were from different companies like BoA, hexaware,oracle and quiz was mostly dominated by hexawarian's.

also we decided to participate in a quiz competition organized by a famous business institute, it was a online quiz which starts at 10pm and closes at 11pm. but unfortunately for the level of knowledge i had, mostly i was found working on the quiz till...midnight 12.30-1.00 am. and sometimes even the next day. there was a business quiz, sports and entertainment and india quiz. our hacker friend came out in flying colours in sports quiz, whereas i was able to crack some questions in india quiz. business quiz was a complete failure.

i am going to post some questions for readers to try to crack questions, obviously i expect the gang with whom the answer was already shared not to answer here.

1.significance of this picture, (india quiz)

2.significance of this picture (india quiz)

3. connect the pict(sports quiz)

4. connect, to something entire world witnessed(business quiz)

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