Wednesday, September 23, 2009

short trip..short blog

this is the third time in as many consecutive years i am visiting kerala. this trip was interesting on various aspects, especially on planning, i think the planning started 2 months back., further reading of this post might not be interesting for many readers, yet in the habit of recording all my trips, i am continuing on my writing.

ok.the plan was to halt at palakaad and go on trekking expedition to a falls, visit a dense forest, and also to visit one of the various dams surrounding the city.

myself,subbu, mani,stanley...before starting to board the train went for a quite party at a very famous hotel chain in t-nagar chennai, this is one hotel chain i like the most in various cities i have visited, Quality INN. but unfortunately for us we found one small dead cockroach in one of the dishes served, the manager,chef..was summoned to our table. and we agreed not to make much of fuss, the hotel management in reciprocation decided to shower us with various main course as complementary dishes."on the house sir", said the waiter smiling.
there was a coincidence, earlier in afternoon we had watched a movie called 'ninaithaale innikum' in satyam and the movie started with same scenario of hero finding cockroach in food..and fighting with management.

ok. train journey, as usual involved creating nuisance for co-passengers, surprisingly this group of friends decided to sleep very early by 2.00 am(less nuisance,happy co-passengers) and there was a person called mani, who is also a gold medalist in loyola college, at this time mani found that he had lost his mobile, and just when we were thinking of pulling the chain and file FIR in whatever juridisction the train stops, another brilliant friend managed to track the lost mobile, co-incidence no.2. this friend prasanna is also a gold medalist from st.joseph college trichy.

well by now you would have imagined the gold company of friends i was travelling with in this trip. as train reached coimbatore, attention turned to thangaraj, thangs as he is called,is from coimbatore and took everyone to a restaurant in coimbatore,he says that was the best restaurant in the city, given the level of knowledge everbody had about the city, everybody agreed and food was really great.subbu somehow in this trip was having a very high blood pressure partly because he was the official tour organiser and partly due to stanley and myself.

ok. time to introduce other members in the trip, there was a hacker,a model and 'mari mari' aravind..along with prasana who was already introduced in this blog, this is the first time i am meeting these guys, and i thoroughly enjoyed the fun we had together, not sure if guys felt the same way.

i am yet to elaborate on whether the plan i mentioned in the starting of this post materialized or not. if you are still interested in reading about that, you can read it here ..courtesy thangs.


Jegu said...

Nice that you guys have enjoyed... you should have made some drama in the Q INN... Gold medal and you.. i can't even think about it... I hope they are doing ok, and may be they have enjoyed this trip...

Thangaraj N said...

நண்பா ஜெகு ... Sammy போட்ட மொக்கைல எல்லாரும் டென்ஷன் அயிடங்க...

Sammy said...

it was kerala umbrella 2 years back..
this time it was "bison speed".

both times victim was subbu