Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a tale of two cities....

BLR - namma bengaluru
CHN - singara chennai

BLR - Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam...and some Oriya.
CHN- Tamil, Tamil, Tamil, Telugu....few Hindi, malayalam.

BLR - men and women in road side tea shops
CHN - only Boys and Men in tea shops and Kai yenthi Bhavan. strict no no for girls.

BLR - girl, women smoke in public...fag corner usually visited by all gender.
CHN - only seen in isolated places, ITES, BPO's.

BLR- across all part of city.
CHN- only in t-nagar surrounding.....it was about traffic.

BLR - 35 degree C max, low humidity
CHN - 40 degree C max, high humidity

BLR- Malls, Parks and Pubs
CHN - Malls, Pubs, Entire coastline from marina to mahabs.

BLR- girls - formal shirts and trousers and fridays -only jeans. strict no no churidhar on friday.
CHN - giirls - Churidhar, long skirts and sarees- friday- jeans. strict no no jeans after marriage.

BLR - guys - jacket (rain or shine) , carry backpack. both striclty have an IT logo.
CHN - guys - semi formal, semi casual....jackets ..strict no no.

BLR- pani puri, hot jilabi.
CHN - Vada, Bajji and samosa.


BLR - M.G.Road.
CHN - N.H. Road.

BLR- share cab.
CHN - share auto.

BLR - sweet sambar and chutni.
CHN - sweet only in sweets.

BLR - Royal challengers
CHN - SUper KIngs !!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. -- feel free to add more or correct.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

news bulletin...

written below are few of very interesting news i'd followed recently. these news interested me a lot and hence took a place in my blog.

'Mission impossible-part 4'.
RAW nabs Bangalore blasts suspect in top-secret mission.

In a top secret mission, a team of the Research and Analysis Wing tracked down an absconding accused in the Bangalore serial blasts case in Muscat, and sneaked him out of Oman, since India doesn't have an extradition treaty with that country.

Congress, BJP, CPM all three have joined and formed alliance.

yes, you had read it right. the news extract below.
Setting aside ideological differences, the Congress, the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Communist Party of India Marxist have joined hands in Sikkim to unitedly fight Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling's Sikkim Democratic Front in the assembly polls scheduled to be held later this year.

'Crimson tide-part 2'
two nuclear submarine collide in Atlantic.

UK and france submarines collide, Both submarines' hulls are covered with sound absorbent tile(no echoes -no sonar) to reduce detection by sonar, so the boats' navigational passive sonar would not have detected the presence of the other.
technology that helped submarines to go undetected had almost resulted in a nuclear catastrophe.