Friday, September 18, 2009

tharoor tweet....

Quesioner-"Tell us minister, next time you travel to Kerala, will it be cattle class?"
Shashi Tharoor- "Absolutely, in cattle class out of solidarity with all our holy cows"

since i am getting into a holiday mood in a friday afternoon, i decided to write this in office itself, lets go deep inside this supposedly funny statement. what this statement might hold for in his future political innings. there are 2 important words that demands attention in his reply.

"Cattle class".
minister called economy class in airlines as cattle class, referring to the crowd, and space between co-passengers, you see in a economy class. he later clarified he was actually blaming the airlines for boarding passengers like this. did he really ?
any shrewd politician opposing Tharoor, would say minister had called the majority indians who usually go by economy class, and other indians who still dream of CATTLES..some might even start saying minister called the working class people as dogs...and it will go on and on.. even i feel like a cattle when thinking of travelling in economy class.
next important word.

"holy cows".
before analyzing this word, we should rewind the events that happened in that week, madam sonia decided to fly by economy class, as usual it became a breaking news in all televisions..the next day more breaking news...rahul gandhi decided to travel by chair car in shatabdi express. one television sent their reporter along with rahul, and the event was again beamed across the country. now we all know for the entire congress community sonia and rahul are the most holiest posession...madam still is one of the powerful women in the world and rahul is the prince in waiting.
now co-relating shashi Tharoor "holy cow" comment to madam and rahul's austerity is not going to be a big headache for any critic or reporter or congressmen. this comment can also be linked to pranab...most senior person in congress who in the first place asked Tharoor to follow austerity.

ok what does the man himself who made the statement say. his twitter explanation was something like holy cows in most dictinoary a set of holy rules. again not satisfactory reply.

Shashi Tharoor says he is a diplomat for all his life, if i had the privilege of interacting with Tharoor i would first ask him to read meaning of the word "diplomat" in his own dictinoary. hopefully that should teach him how to tweeeettttttt....


Jegu said...

The minister who always come's in headlines because of his tweet, not because of his what he supposed to do.
i don't know whether he could have made a statement like this before the election, What could have been his reply if somebody else have made a comment's like this.

மணிகண்டன் said...

And remember sam, he used to be a diplomat :)-