Wednesday, December 30, 2009

MEA-Tharoor Tweet.

david headley was an ex-convict, who travelled many times to pakistan after 9/11/2001. he starts visiting india from 2006-2008 number of times on a multiple entry business visa. now he was presumed to have planned various terror attacks, including mumbai attack.

ok now.
1. an ex-convict, and a person who is on a FBI watchlist, how did he managed to get easy multiple entry VISA into india.
2. his various visits to pakistan, should'nt it have triggered an alert to ministry of external affairs (MEA) while issuing VISA.
3. his VISA papers went missing in embasy and took a long time to re-appear(not sure if correct paper has re-appeared).
4. when Dubai market crashed, many keralites and other workers were laid-off via SMS, and across india various channels showed how indian workforce are exploited and the poor conditions they live in.

now what does minister of state(MoS) for external affairs do. does he explain any of these goofups in his tweet or remained silent on twitter about all of these issues, never ever uttered any word. finally when he tweeted on MEA policy, it was right away blaming visa restrictions that was ensured for security purposes. reason he cited

26/11 attackers never had any VISA--

this statement straight away looked utter foolish, specially becasue there is increasing evidence now that 26/11 "planners" had entered india using VISA. if VISA restriction was severe then, may be 26/11 would not have been planned in the first place.

business is affected because of this--

terrorist attack are not made only for killing civilians, it is also made to crash the business interest of the country, to stop MNC from investing in , make the country a financially instable place. perhaps this was the reason many attacks are made in mumbai, the financial capital of india.
so business interest is very closely assosciated with security. what use in giving unrestricted VISA to foreigners, which also allows certain loopholes and ultimately result in attack on the financial capital.

my opinion, MEA is one ministry which is not in great hands now, including SMK.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lost symbol

Dan Brown novels have always courted controversy, like davince code,and certain sections of angels and demons, which is an absolute thriller. in both these works there will be outright attack on medevial catholic chruches and christianity in general. now with his latest work 'last symbol' there is little or no attack on catholics. and this i think has made the book a total flop(based on my reading only). there is simply logic less explanation for certain main events like CIA running behind a certain villain to stop the villain from releasing a video, and the CIA takes this mission as though a mission to stop the entire world from getting destroyed. the story dragged and dragged and dragged and i took a fair 2-3 weeks to complete. caution made to readers,please do not attempt this one, i already ignored one person caution and had to endure through this difficult reading.

another year is coming to end, recession is receeding, there are signs of recovery, india already has posted 7.9% growth last quarter when alalyst and experts around the world predicted only 6-6.5 growth in india.

i seem to be hearing "oru kal,oru kannadi" song from SMS movie a lot. dont come into any conclusion on "oru heartbreak" for me. i have very few songs in my system and amongst that this song is the best.

finaly one quiz question, how many states will be in india 5 years from now ?