Thursday, October 9, 2008

Read On.....

...this post is going to be blah-blah about my reading novels, books and authors. please decide yourself on reading further.

reading habit has been well nurtured by my mom, it all started with reading comic books at quarterly, half yearly holidays in school probably 2nd std i assume, after that my mom having spotted the interest me and my brother had started purchasing many books. so it was always books like tinkle, gokulam, and several others which i don't remember, but tinkle has always been our favorite.

as days passed tinkle started became boring and books like TINTIN, ASTERIX and OBELIX became our favourite, though this collection of books comes with a high price tag, we managed to study all the TINTIN series and most of the Asterix collection. surprisingly a government library near our house in Chennai had most of the collection and there are always your uncle's and aunty's house to borrow.

by the ninth year in my school i had started reading english novels, we managed to take a membership in a very small library owned by a anglo-indian. it was always 'chase' novels initially (JAMES HADLEY CHASE) and ALISTAIR MCLEAN books. during this period i remember enjoying reading AUGATHA CHRISTEY novel very much, it is a detective story, which brings in many suspect characters for a murder, and suspense is absolutely awesome.

after this just for showing myself at my home and to others, i started taking huge books from the library. initially it was like skip pages in novel in places where the author starts giving pictorial explanation about a place, explanation about characters and scenes. the author who didn't bore in his explanation and description of characters and places was ARTHUR HAILEY, anybody who has interest in reading books should read his novels.'hotel','airport' are the two collections i remember of Hailey. even today when i search for novels in stores i always search for his novels first.the last time i read his books are in 10th std.after that never got a chance to get his books.

SIDNEY SHELDON started becoming my all time favourite, apart from that the other authors whom i like are JOHN GRISHAM books, for now i can only remember TESTAMENT...another recommendation from for readers to try this book, JEFREEY ARCHER american author i think, never liked his stories very much. DAN BROWN novels were good, but i never tried reading anything after reading his ANGELS AND DAEMONS because the subject of his book always had something against Christianity. Though i consider myself a voracious reader of novel, i have never tried or intend to read any of JK ROWLING books.

be it movie or novel intelligence operation stories have interested me very much. there is a old novel which i don't remember the name anymore, about a Israeli intelligence agent capturing a ship carrying armaments, was another of my memorable reading.

All this years of reading novels and stories, if somebody asked about my best reading. i would say PONNIYIN was the first and the last tamil novel i read. though the volume of books were lying in my house for years, i never cared to read the book, until recently last year when one of my friend told about the story. it was a volume of 6-7 books, which i read every night before going to sleep for 2 month. the characters and descriptions in the books were so awesome that, i started getting dreams of finding myself in forests. another recommendation for readers to try this one. author of that book is KALKI.

many thanks for being patient and reading till this point, suggestions are welcome about books and authors.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

பயோ - டேடா

பெயர் - சாமுவேல் இக்னேஸியஸ்

வீட்டில் - சாம்.... சாமு

பள்ளியில் - 'சாமு-வேலு' என்பதை திருப்பி 'வேலு-சாமி' என்று கூப்பிடார்கள்

கல்லூரியில்- சாமிஎள்

வேளையில் - சாம்மி , மேடீ

தொழில் - சாப்ட்வேர்.

உப தொழில் - சாப்பிட்டு.. தூங்குவது

பிடித்தது - கூகிள்.காம் .

பிடிக்காதது - கிரெடிட் கார்டு பிள் .

பொழுதுபோக்கு - கிரிக்கெட் .

சமீபத்ய சாதனை - கம்பெனி மாறாதது.

நீண்ட கால சாதனை - காதலில் விழாதது

நண்பர்கள் - டேடாபேஸ் சர்வர்

எதிரிகள் - எர்ரற் மெசேஜ்

மறக்க நினைப்பது - மார்க்கெட் கிராஷ்.

மறக்க முடியாதது - டேடாபேஸ் கிராஷ் .