Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rukhsana Kauser - Jhansi Rani

..its time we celebrate bravery acts done by common people, armed LeT millitant who has been active on that area for 5 years was killed by this young courageous girl and her family.

JnK governor had already refered her name for galantry awards. hope more coverage is given to this single act, may be it will influence common man to fight against terrorism.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Quizzing week...

this week i got into a quizing tsunami, let me explain how it all started, last friday i was introduced to an ethical hacker and a quizzer, and it was easy for me to ineract with him in the second category, so it all started with who is vice president of india question, and went on to more advanced questions. it continued even in office, i was getting close to 50-60 mails daily on the week asking some quiz questions. participants in this mail contest were from different companies like BoA, hexaware,oracle and quiz was mostly dominated by hexawarian's.

also we decided to participate in a quiz competition organized by a famous business institute, it was a online quiz which starts at 10pm and closes at 11pm. but unfortunately for the level of knowledge i had, mostly i was found working on the quiz till...midnight 12.30-1.00 am. and sometimes even the next day. there was a business quiz, sports and entertainment and india quiz. our hacker friend came out in flying colours in sports quiz, whereas i was able to crack some questions in india quiz. business quiz was a complete failure.

i am going to post some questions for readers to try to crack questions, obviously i expect the gang with whom the answer was already shared not to answer here.

1.significance of this picture, (india quiz)

2.significance of this picture (india quiz)

3. connect the pict(sports quiz)

4. connect, to something entire world witnessed(business quiz)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

short trip..short blog

this is the third time in as many consecutive years i am visiting kerala. this trip was interesting on various aspects, especially on planning, i think the planning started 2 months back., further reading of this post might not be interesting for many readers, yet in the habit of recording all my trips, i am continuing on my writing.

ok.the plan was to halt at palakaad and go on trekking expedition to a falls, visit a dense forest, and also to visit one of the various dams surrounding the city.

myself,subbu, mani,stanley...before starting to board the train went for a quite party at a very famous hotel chain in t-nagar chennai, this is one hotel chain i like the most in various cities i have visited, Quality INN. but unfortunately for us we found one small dead cockroach in one of the dishes served, the manager,chef..was summoned to our table. and we agreed not to make much of fuss, the hotel management in reciprocation decided to shower us with various main course as complementary dishes."on the house sir", said the waiter smiling.
there was a coincidence, earlier in afternoon we had watched a movie called 'ninaithaale innikum' in satyam and the movie started with same scenario of hero finding cockroach in food..and fighting with management.

ok. train journey, as usual involved creating nuisance for co-passengers, surprisingly this group of friends decided to sleep very early by 2.00 am(less nuisance,happy co-passengers) and there was a person called mani, who is also a gold medalist in loyola college, at this time mani found that he had lost his mobile, and just when we were thinking of pulling the chain and file FIR in whatever juridisction the train stops, another brilliant friend managed to track the lost mobile, co-incidence no.2. this friend prasanna is also a gold medalist from st.joseph college trichy.

well by now you would have imagined the gold company of friends i was travelling with in this trip. as train reached coimbatore, attention turned to thangaraj, thangs as he is called,is from coimbatore and took everyone to a restaurant in coimbatore,he says that was the best restaurant in the city, given the level of knowledge everbody had about the city, everybody agreed and food was really great.subbu somehow in this trip was having a very high blood pressure partly because he was the official tour organiser and partly due to stanley and myself.

ok. time to introduce other members in the trip, there was a hacker,a model and 'mari mari' aravind..along with prasana who was already introduced in this blog, this is the first time i am meeting these guys, and i thoroughly enjoyed the fun we had together, not sure if guys felt the same way.

i am yet to elaborate on whether the plan i mentioned in the starting of this post materialized or not. if you are still interested in reading about that, you can read it here ..courtesy thangs.

Friday, September 18, 2009

tharoor tweet....

Quesioner-"Tell us minister, next time you travel to Kerala, will it be cattle class?"
Shashi Tharoor- "Absolutely, in cattle class out of solidarity with all our holy cows"

since i am getting into a holiday mood in a friday afternoon, i decided to write this in office itself, lets go deep inside this supposedly funny statement. what this statement might hold for in his future political innings. there are 2 important words that demands attention in his reply.

"Cattle class".
minister called economy class in airlines as cattle class, referring to the crowd, and space between co-passengers, you see in a economy class. he later clarified he was actually blaming the airlines for boarding passengers like this. did he really ?
any shrewd politician opposing Tharoor, would say minister had called the majority indians who usually go by economy class, and other indians who still dream of CATTLES..some might even start saying minister called the working class people as dogs...and it will go on and on.. even i feel like a cattle when thinking of travelling in economy class.
next important word.

"holy cows".
before analyzing this word, we should rewind the events that happened in that week, madam sonia decided to fly by economy class, as usual it became a breaking news in all televisions..the next day more breaking news...rahul gandhi decided to travel by chair car in shatabdi express. one television sent their reporter along with rahul, and the event was again beamed across the country. now we all know for the entire congress community sonia and rahul are the most holiest posession...madam still is one of the powerful women in the world and rahul is the prince in waiting.
now co-relating shashi Tharoor "holy cow" comment to madam and rahul's austerity is not going to be a big headache for any critic or reporter or congressmen. this comment can also be linked to pranab...most senior person in congress who in the first place asked Tharoor to follow austerity.

ok what does the man himself who made the statement say. his twitter explanation was something like holy cows in most dictinoary a set of holy rules. again not satisfactory reply.

Shashi Tharoor says he is a diplomat for all his life, if i had the privilege of interacting with Tharoor i would first ask him to read meaning of the word "diplomat" in his own dictinoary. hopefully that should teach him how to tweeeettttttt....

Friday, September 4, 2009

kitchadi -YSR

..not a good week for AP, their charismatic leader has perished in an tragic accident. i have read several news now that, how he gave importance to farmers and agriculture sector. in my opinion Indian politics is very simple, if you are ready to take care of the farmers or rural sector, you will never be in danger of losing. Chandrababu naidu , SM krishna, these leaders were too friendly with IT sector and spent most of their time in IT revolution, they created lakhs of opportunity in IT still the very next election they faced they lost.somewhere they forgot about the farmers plight.
2 days after the accident, emotions and sentiments are still running high in AP, over 60 people have died either by suicide or heart attack now. sentimental idiots.


...all weekends have become sports weekend for me now, just recently i
noticed that i am getting close to 8 sports channel in my TV. last 2 weeks have been spent watching some late night English premier league matches, F1 force India podium finish, and on Monday Nehru cup final,which India won. one of the major event i failed watching live in the past weeks was 100m,200m world record by bolt. they say next major event for bolt is commonwealth games, i am planning to visit Delhi to watch the event.

sania mirza received "double bagle" in US open, for those of you who doesn't know what double bagle, it is losing 6-0,6-0. a very very rare scoreline in major events. usually when we play tennis at my office, and if something like this scoreline comes, we used to give some charity point, so that the opponent is not too embarrassed.

movies...if somebody can suggest a good movie i will see that movie and write review . none of the movie i am seeing are worth writing reviews this week.