Friday, August 21, 2009


this week we will see about alphabet 'J'

you go to a kid or guy like me in current generation and say the word 'partition' you most likely end up having conversation on how to partition your hard disk in computer, well 80 years ago the word 'partition' meant partition of undivided british ruled india, and the man behind it all was jinnah, BJP leader sometimes have praised jinnah, as he had opposed congress before independence. Advani once told jinnah was secular, and faced the wrath of RSS,he even cried on national TV when speaking about the incident. the other senior leader who had watched all these does not seem to have learnt the lesson.

Jaswant Singh.
our jaswant singh went a step further, after praising jinnah, he went on to criticize nehru and sardar vallabhai patel for partition..
just in case you do no not know how important he was for BJP, remember kandahar, IC-814, terrorist were released for exchange of hostages. it was jaswant singh who went with the terrorist to secure the release of hostage. now our jaswant singh did some historic research and writes a book about jinnah, he was promptly thrown out of the party.

in tamil if a lady is un-married you are supposed to call her 'selvi', if married you should call her 'tirumathi'. now you might be wondering why i am taking tamil lessons. well our CM karunanidhi has called jayalalitha 'tirumathi' obviously refering to her past or god knows what..but i think this is certainly very low of an leader or CM to call someone like this. (sorry guys..since this post is about 'J' alphabet i have to include this)

Jonathan Trott
after KP, another South african has come to haunt aussies in the ashes, it was a debut match for jonathan trott, a decider for the series, a crumbling pitch, but still the guy managed to hit a ton on his second innings.


Prabha said...

Well Sam, about J for Jayalalitha... I think MK is definitely not the person to comment on her... Probably, she can think about a word for a man who had more than one wife at a time (and calls them manaivi & thunaivi). How ethical! grrrrrrrrrrr

Sammy said...

well written prabha.thanks for the comment.

Jegu said...

I am closely related to "J" :) and it's nice thought..

About JJ, MK might have some explanation from very old tamil, why he has called her as "Thirumathi"..
when i was kid people used to tell a story about MK regarding "Indra Gandhi" relating to some files.. (naada in tamil)..

But as prbha said he doesn't deserve to comment on this ..

Sammy said...

MK was upset JJ called his government, a minority government. so he told if she calls minority government again, he will call her 'tirumathi'..that was the background of the statement.

the comment you refered about file, is a an near double meaning indecent statement, the thread around the files you find in government offices he translated to naada in tamil...and the files he translated to something else..and ended up making that famous double meaning statement..sorry sir should have understand with this clue.or else i cant help anymore.

Jegu said...

I know what's that whole story about that nada... But i didn't want to write it here...

மணிகண்டன் said...

the story about nada is just a story. mk did not say that.

Sammy said...

//the story about nada is just a story. mk did not say that.//
i heard that from a DMK worker, i think it was not a statement made by the leader. i stand corrected.

but the statement mentioned in the post, was a recorded statement.