Tuesday, June 24, 2008

nothing to write......

there isn't anything interesting for me to write now, still i would like to keep my blog updated..last 2 weeks i slept late, courtesy euro cup 2008, somehow this tournament has interested me a lot more than IPL or any cricket tournament for that matter, main reason being there were many close finishes...unusual for a soccer game.

turkey vs croatia......both are little known countries in soccer, i remember croatia has made to last four in a world cup, 1996 i guess not sure, so by past records that i have known i thought croatia would make it to the semifinals, it turned out to be a very thriling contest..
the match went into extra time after there were no goals in the 90 minutes. closing stages of extra time niether team has scored and was heading for a penalty shoot out..and the twist came, the little country of the two striked..i can imagine how croatians must have felt then...it is a magic isn't it striking in the dying moments of the game (29th minute) and taking your team to semifinal..

on the other side, turkish players for them they thought it was all over, there was just a minute left for the close, and already few turkish players were lying in the ground, as usual 2 minutes (injury time)were added to the extra time, then the unexpected happened when a turksh striker scored a equaliser in the dying seconds..unbelievable....eventually turkey went on to win in the penalty shoot out.

the other quarterfinal match between two heavyweights in football, italy vs spain was a complete disappointment, neither team looked threatening. i am a great fan of italy from the days of roberto baggio, the world champion played a negative game trying to stretch the game to penalty shootout and deservedly lost the match in the penalty.

As it is known i am hanging out with my friends in hexaware on weekends, and we all went to a movie called dasavatharam, this movie came with lots of expectation, first time in cine history an actor (kamal) is donning 10 different roles, and already was booked for a week in most of the cinema halls, still i managed to get tickets for a night show on the second day. well it was a complete disappointment for me and i almost slept in the hall, but the good news for kamal fan's is into 2nd week the movie is still running in packed shows.

there were few support calls from old office as well and on a saturday night out of sheer boredom in my house and being called by my old colleagues as well, i went to look after one issue in streaming server, irony is everybody was thinking i am an expert advicer in streaming technology though i am a novice, i ended up solving other 2 issues and made them happy....well as far as streaming issue i made few recommendations and it was open.

Good, i made up a post, when i started i did'nt know what to write and gave a title "nothing to write"........