Wednesday, August 5, 2009

spirit of cricket

..if somebody asks me about best photographs captured in a cricket pitch, i would rate this right at the top. what is so special about this, read on.

Imagine India vs pakistan match in a worldcup match, animosity and importance of the match will be similar when it comes to ashes series, some say it is the mother of all test series. here it was england fighting a very hard batlle and just when they thought they had the match in hand, Aussies last wicket pair put up a tough fight, for almost 10-15 overs bret lee took several body blows, faced fiery bowling from harmison, flintoff and co.

this match happened in edgbaston ground, in birmingham. second match of the 2005 ashes series which aussies were leading 1-0. flintoff played a big part in the match, made significant batting scores in both innings and bowled a very decisive match winning spells, there was one spell where he was literally unplayable and also took 3 wickets in 4 balls.

from an win situation for england, the match went to the point when aussies were left with just 3 runs to get, with 1 wicket left. then kaprowicz made that fatal mistake, instead of taking another blow in his body or ducking under a fast bouncer, i think till date for england this would be an magical moment, after the final wicket,crowds and barmy army went bersek, palyers went crazy celebrating the win. then came this picture, being the man of the match and playing is heart out, flintoff didnt rush to the stumps to collect memorablia, or was not found running around the ground with shirts removed. he went down on his knees and was seen consoling bret lee, who took several body blows from his bowling.

though unfair, there are another 2 parallel instances i always compare this with

aus vs india, 2nd test match, sydney, remember how they celbrated in sydney when india was in a similar situation and the final batsmen left was anil kumble who was also then captain. nobody even bothered to shake hands with him, the team won the match only because of bucknor blunders, but still celebrated as though they have captured the world.second.this might not be a right comparison, ind vs pak in T20 WC final. miserable misbah,.dhoni's boys.

when engalnd finally won the ashes series, and all the soccer like celebration were over. Flintoff was asked to comment on that incident of him consoling bret lee..what did he really say to bret lee. he answered them in humour, part of the transcript

"".....We were all celebrating and I saw Brett Lee down on his knees and I just went up to him, put my arm around him and said: It's 1-1 you Aussie Bastard!"""'

years later, bret lee when asked for a comment..was serious in his answer.
""That moment for him to come down and shake hands, and the photo that came out of it, that to me is the spirit of cricket. """


Jegu said...

Now the crowds are booing Ponting.. may be because of this he mentioned "Flintoff is out of form due to his injuries". Though they survived this partial match because of Clark's century.
I also red somewhere that, When ponting returned to dressing room after he got our for 5 runs in the second innings he was trying to break the door since he got frustrated..
That's the real Ponting..

Sammy said...

check this