Sunday, August 16, 2009


actually writing kitcadi is becoming very easy for me. just try to remember the top news that happened in the week, add some opinion of yours and write it..ok this week was really boring, i got caught myself in a marathon project meeting on friday evening, add to that, i missed the DJ night that happened in my office for I-day celebration. however i did managed to attend other celebrations that happened in the afternoon, courtesy lunch break.

//4 swine flue death in bangalore //
still i have not seen much panic in the city yet,agreed some schools have panicked, closed down, but i have not seen anybody in my office with surgical mask. however when you come to public transpaort, you will find IT girls using their duppatah as surgical mask, i think their fashion statement does not allow surgical mask,guys in public transport are scared a lot, you will find atleast 3-4 guys with absolutely no symptoms wearing mask. from what i have seen the infections have spread a lot. the proportion of infection to the number of death reported is still less. somewhere i read that even though there is no medicine to prevent the infection, over a period of time, human body itself will build its own defense mechanism against this virus.

//I-day headlines ///
what will be the headlines in a i-day ?, obviously there will be a presidents message on the eve, and prime minister message after flag hoisting. neither of these were top news in india. gues what, sharukh khan hogged all the headlines, apparently sharukh khan name flashed a red alert in a US airport,and state homeland questioned him for 2 hours. our Don got p****d off, wonder why there was so much fuss about questioning him for 2 hours. agreed he is a global icon, agreed he represents indian entertainment industry. without any offense to srk fans, we all know how bollywood industry was connected to D-company and underworld some time back, and how some have funded it. media went overboard to make a fuss, one channel reported people all over india are hugely upset on independence day for what happened to SRK.

kichadi over....will be continued next week.

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Jegu said...

SK is making lot of fuss about it... This news is not even worth for putting in the last page of the paper and I don't know why the media is making this much noise when there are million's of other issues which needs to resolved....