Sunday, August 9, 2009

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current faces of indian cricket, harbhajan and yuvraj have given out statements on how it is unacceptable for them as cricketers in india to sign the clause. nobody seems to convince them, initially mahesh bhupathi and sania mirza tried to send a message to them, they spoke about how as a sportsmen they had a moral obligations to be part of the system like this, and how they didnt have any objection to that. then came Abhnav bhindra, the only person to have won a individual olympic gold, well abhinvav went a step further, he told basically the issue is to do with the lack of knowledge on the clause for cricketers and went on to gave a short guide on how to folow the WADA gudielines without much fuss, and how he has been following it. then came badmiton sensation 19 year old saina nehwal, well i liked her comments a lot, her comment came immediatly after yuvraj comments came on how it affects his time with family and how they are much superior,in terms of the number of times they are on foreign tour, saina straight away rubbished the theory of cricketers spending less time with family and hence cannot be compared with other sportsmen.
now our crciketers who are still thinking themselves as a special breed of sportsmen,are thinking who are these guys to advice them, they had easily insulted president of india and had get away with that, they had rebuffed sports minister number of times, now who are these other sportsmen to advice them.

i have read various forums supporting cricketers stand, most of the arguments would be

//in a calendar year they paly a lot, unlike other sportsmen, they get very little time with family,//
this was the reason abhinav bindra gave a special guide on how to follow, he goes on to explain howit will easily blend into your daily routine and in short he says ""... you’re ready to pee when you get up in the morning and that’s all they would ask for.”

//BCCI accepts any in-competition testing,but outside the competitionit is not acceptable for them //
of all the arguments this sounded the most childish one for me, we all know cricketers are prone to injuries, waht if these injured players take some banned drugs to come out of these injuries fast, i think this was the precise reason out of competition testing have started in world sports.

//crciket is a skilled game, performance enhancing drugs cannot be used to influence the game///
we play test matches for 5 days, bowlers bowl long spells for 10-15 overs without break,batsmen sometime bat continously for an entire day, i cannot see this happening in many other sports in the world. if that is not enough why does a shooter like abhinav has to go through all the torture of drugs testing, what does a olyimpic shooter can benefit from drugs, or how tiger woods, who had already signed up with WADA can benefit

//cricketers are natinal treasure, they are at security risk,if they are to tell about their whereabouts to WADA //
this is the single most valuabe reason that BCCI would be fighting, already sachin and dhoni are terrorist target for some time now. may be they need some excpetion.

whereabouts clause is controverisal accpeted, but there are different ways to protest, you dont come out and show yourself as a superior breed when compared to other sports in india. few years back it was dravid, ganguly and sachin who were the face of cricket in india, now we have harbhajan, yuvraj and dhoni...

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