Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Movie Review

Movie. Angels and Demons.
adaptation from Dan brown novel. the novel if you read will be simply breathtaking, a fiction that covers physics, relegion, history, arts and much more. the book shows the early catholic church in a very poor light, and how medieval churches considered science as thier main enemy.

having read the novel the suspense element in the movie has already gone, it is known pretty much beforehand what will happen and how it will happen in the movie. still the only consolation is beautiful picturesque of churches and artifacts in Vatican city, even this interest were gone after sometime when i realised it would be highly impossible for the crew to get access inside churches in vatican.
the novel is 100 times more interesting and thrilling. if you are planning to watch this movie, skip it. get the book and read, best selling novel by Dan Brown.


மணிகண்டன் said...

What happenned ? Last time, you said that this bugger shows christianity in a poor light and you won't read or see anything from him ! Now, in a years time, (or probably few months) there is a change in heart ! So, are you moderate now ????

Sammy said...

i am always moderate mani.

i dont remember calling the author 'bugger' or swearing never to read his work.

ok..this is what i wrote
///DAN BROWN novels were good, but i never tried reading anything after reading his ANGELS AND DAEMONS because the subject of his book always had something against Christianity.///

மணிகண்டன் said...

ok agreed :)-

As you know, i am not moderate !