Saturday, June 27, 2009

central cabinet

the first minister to get some serious work was our foreign minister, s.m.krishna. just days after he took charge of his seat, there was a gurudwara shoot out in vienna. which initially looked like any other shootout in a foreign country snowballed into a serious headache for government. just when he thought he had things in control, there was australia. there was students.. and there was racist attack.

health minister, gulam nabi azad, now this is more serious than anything, a global epidemic, pandemic, government says it has stocked enough medicine and repeatedly assures people not to panic, till now there was not a single death and most cases have already been cured. though i am not judgemental on his performance with this single issue i think he has done good in this short period. there is a perception that he is not qualified for this ministry, and doesn't have knowledge on his ministry, well lets remember he is a heavyweight and crisis manager for his party for a long time.

agriculture minister..sharad pawar...mostly press releases and statements are coming from cabinet secretary only. in his previous term managed to give undue importance to cricket more than his agri ministry. not a competent minister specially in crisis situation. continues to be involved and interested in BCCI more than farmers.

in my opinion, government master stroke came when it appointed nanden nilekani for national id card project., with a cabinet rank. i think this ministry is in the best hands. in a developing country like india, going forward there should be more technocrats in ministry apart from politicians. our PM was not an politician when he was finance minister in early 90's and we all know how he was involved in globalization of indian economy.
may be nandan nilekani induction in central cabinet is also signs of things to come .....

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Jegu said...

I wish few more nandan has to come into the ministerial candidates. For agri bring some one who has done some revolution, which we need it at the moment when more than 50% growth comes from agri and we don't want a person like Pawar who is only interested in BCCI. I am wondering how did he imagine that he will be the PM candidate. Thank god it din't happen..