Monday, June 22, 2009


when IPL became a big hit in its first season, there was a conception in cricket fraternity on how it has brought out domestic talent and played a big part in few youngsters getting springboarded into national the end of first season, we had the likes of Ghoni, ravindra jadega getting selected on national team with their sole contribution in IPL alone...however during their national duty captain didn't have enough faith on them and they were mostly not palyed and sometimes dropped immediately after touring.

IPL season 2, apart from the usual aussies domination, there were some indian beacons like ojha, pandey(bangalore), abhishek nayar. as expected the national team selection after IPL has again rewarded them, with the inclusion of abhishek nayar and nehra solely on thier IPL performance. ok now the question, is it justified in selecting players on their performance in IPL alone ignoring there contribution in ranji trophy and other domestic competition, does a bowler bowling just 24 balls in a match prove his merit. or a batsmen hitting 3 sixes in an over suddenly becomes more important than an other domestic player who has a better average and technique.

all these first time selected members, as though reading from a written script say, how much IPL helped them particularly playing alongside international players and performing against or along with them. in my opinion they are carrying a wrong confidence if they are thinking or relying only on their exploits in IPL alone. now Abhishek nayar might have hit Flintoff for 3 sixes in an over in a match against chennai, or nehra might have kept Pitersen tied down and taken his wicket.if you try to repeat that in a 50 over match against England in Lords, then you are most likely to be proved wrong.

the world T20 champions, Pakistan did not have any IPL experience this season, with all pakistani contracts suspended by IPL, and as if that is not enough to red face Modi....people were thinking about ICL when abdul Razaaq made crucial contribution in semifinal and final matches. No doubt IPL is a good entertainment, good earning for players, good finance for the board..but i think it is not a good idea to reward IPL performers with a team selection, conveniently ignoring thier stats in other domestic tournaments.

later this year there is going to be a T20 champions league tournament, another question, how can you call it champions league, when the domestic leagues that contributed to world T20 champions are not represented. It is no luck or co-incidence that pakistanis made it to the final twice in a row, everybody knows that they have been having very successfull t20 domestic competition for a very long time. BCCI will throw its money and power to make champions league tournament success, but without pakistani presence the tournament is not complete or atleast lack quality cricket. It would be worth watching the likes of gilchrist and symmonds face pakistani pacers, rather than seeing them belt hapless bowlers(read delhi bowlers).

coming to the worl cup result, personally i was very happy that sri lanka lost the final..and i guess when the entire country would have supported srilanka to win in final, most people down down south would have loved seeing srilankans bite the dust. that is tamilnadu for you.


Jegu said...

Sahin has also told that you cannot judge the performance of the player based on T20.

Sammy said...

i doubt sachin made statement like that...atleast not in the backdrop of IPL.

except for indian coach, who is not in the IPL staffing, nobody will ever dare say anything about IPL.

Jegu said...

somebody have asked him what about his, that guy performance ... and he said we can't judge based on T20..