Sunday, July 5, 2009

fitness first

..well the first time i have joined a fitness centre, for almost a week since joining i was just running and running basically doing only cardio exercises, ignoring all the heavy weight machinery and equipments in the gym, now one morning as i was sweating out running, a guy comes up to me and calls me to join his class, ok this is where i started doing some serious workouts in gym.

body pump, this is the class name and it happens in a studio kind of room, an instructor would take a class for 1 hour, program starts with workout on thigh muscle and goes on to strengthen all other muscles in your body, you have to lift bars with weight and do exercises along with the bar in synchronous with the music playing in the background.. on my first day i was not able to complete the class itself and this alarmed me, as there were not so fit girls around me who were easily going through the class. it was not until completing the next 3-4 classes that the instructor came up to me and told i am doing well. after a month or so i stopped going to this class and started going to a different class.

spinning...this class is all about cycling and happens in a different studio with very colourful lighting's as well, they say in a single class you can burn around 200-300 calories. i have observed that this class is quite popular and mostly the classes are full, the instructor will simulate a environment where you will be warming up, racing, climbing up a hill, and climbing down,i started liking this class very much and am attending only this class now regularly.

it is almost 2 months since i joined this centre, though there are some visible improvements in my fitness, it is still no where near my goal i was aiming to achieve. this is mostly due to my eating habits and my not so good control over that....


மணிகண்டன் said...

it is almost 2 months now since i went to my fitness centre ! and i have reached nowhere near my goal too :)- another 2 months to go man.

Jegu said...

Ha ha.. I knew about it.. That's the reason i said you can't achieve your goal..
Still it's good that you are doing your part to reach your goal and i am sure you can do it.. :)