Saturday, July 25, 2009


**ex-president abdul kalam was frisked by continental airline staff in an indian airport. this incident happened some 3 months back and suddenly came to light this week. even PM has expressed concern over this. continental airlines though are standing by their policies and have said they followed US law, some state homeland law that was made after 9/11 . does US law precede Indian law in india ?. indian law says not to frisk him, US law says to frisk him. now the boarding is happening in India...what law should these authorities follow. ***

**there is a distinct difference between the way sub-continent teams and teams such as australia, south africa and england play test matches, sub continent teams always take a lot of time to set a target in the fourth innings which in most cases end in dull draw, be it dhoni or kumble or any other captains, they are never confident to set a target, only when they cross 600+ they feel secured to declare the innings. and they take too much time to set that target that the oppositions will be forced to play for draw. srilanka didn't go for a win in their last test match, though they had enough wickets in hand. Australia in other hand though set a record total to chase, went for the win and never played to draw the match. **

**india is all set to complete nuclear triad, they have built a nuclear submarine, in addition to the already existing land based and air based nuclear missiles. submarine has been named 'arihant'. **

**informaton and broadcasting ministry has sent a notice to star plus channel for broadcasting 'saach ka saamna' program. curious after reading this news i watched the program. with just one telecast i happened to see, i realised the main publicity or success of the show lies in asking an husband or wife in front of their spouse wether they cheat the other and goes on to ask some very obscene question. we are speaking about reality show in a tv here, not some scenes happening in a A rated movie. well this program might have been a success across various countries, and i am not sure what kind of questions they ask, but i think there are certain social and moral values we have in our country, it is a shame on persons who come on show and speak about their dark life, atleast i cant imagine a tamil tv hosting this kind of prograam , there are lot of moral policing available for stopping this in tamil nadu, remember how khusbhu cried and asked apology for making some comment on pre-marital sex. ****


Prabha said...

I agree with you about the show 'saach ka saamna'. These things only call for more trouble.

But still Sam, people participate in such programs, knowing all the problems... they are ready to pay any price, just for being shown on the TV.
Guess, people should stop participating.. which will end the show soon... :)

Sammy said...

prabha ..thanks for sharing your view.

மணிகண்டன் said...


About abdul kalam, it shows that there are idiots everywhere. I don't see anything more on that. And they had to be absolutely crazy to carry on the frisk even after airport securities told them not to do so.

About the 2nd point, i don't agree ! These are different series situation. Here it was 0/0 and dhoni did it because a draw gives us the historical series win. (it was stupid but). Srilanka played splendid cricket to draw the match whereas australia lost. If you want to talk about the mentality this was not a great example :)- Remember, india played an hour on 5th day in edengardens but i saw that as an agressive move (just like saurav). it allowed us to have fielders around the bat through the remaining day even if aussies go for it. Aussies are not good at defending or playing to save the match. So, late declaration was also an agressive move !

On your point number 4, these cannot be stopped. i could imagine a tamil tv broadcasting such a show in next 3 or 4 years itself. Is it uglier than the vulgar moments of the dance shows !

And your title is pretty good.

Jegu said...

"Whatever has happened is happened, and there is nothing to comment about it" from Kalam. My question is, why did they leave this matter for 3 months and starting it now?

I agree with mani, that Ausis are not capable of defending and "don't say that they always want to win".. That was team few years back which wants to win each and every match that they have played.. not anymore.. Flintoff makes the difference in English men team only in England, Not outside though,.

After a 20 years of hard work.. But china is ahead of us in few areas in ships though they didn't have enough sea as we do...

I don't know about the show.. one thing for sure is,
ஊரு ரெண்டு பட்டா அது கூத்தாடிக்கு சந்தோசமாம்!!! அது மாதிரி, ஊடு ரெண்டு பட்டா இந்த டிவி சேனலுக்கு சந்தோசம் போல...

Sammy said...

// My question is, why did they leave this matter for 3 months and starting it now?// better late than never.

//china// ...why have you stopped comparing with china with US, russia and france also. sir..china was not in nuclear isolation for 20 years. and dont worry sir if china and india fight a war, we wouldnt be fighting over the sea.

Sammy said...

//Srilanka played splendid cricket to draw the match whereas australia lost//

SL were already 2-0 up in the series, going into final day they had a well set batsmen, enough wickets left, all they had to do was score 4-5 runs in an over..still they didn't go for it...and it was not splendid bating of SL to draw, when pakistan found that they are not able to take wicket, they packed the off side field and bowled negative line...just imagine how the last session would have been, bowlers bowling negative line and batsmen leaving deliveries and captains agreeing early to call off the match.
even if Aus lose the match, we had a game on. not in this case though.

Sammy said...

continued ....

if SL had lost 8-9 wickets trying to chase and still the last pair batted out for 30-40 minutes without losing wickets and if they had saved the game, then that would have been splendid cricket. remember how england saved their first match in ashes this year.

i cannot prove this by statistics or matches as i am not good in stats, or may be i am totally wrong in my view..

Jegu said...

/* better late than never. */ What's the use? Police are saying they didn't File any FIR.. but gov says they did.. What's going to happen at the end? nothing, except having a hot news in a channel for few weeks..

/*** don't worry sir if china and india fight a war, we wouldnt be fighting over the sea.***/

Sir, As you may know they are building a deck in Indian ocean near to srilanka..(if the news was true two months back) ..

Regarding the SL Match,
They should have gone for it, when they had 15 overs left..