Friday, July 10, 2009

who let the dog's out...

... 'hangover',a must watch for movie buffs, if you are planning to go to this movie my advise is to take few rounds of high drink, take your friends and watch the movie in a would most likely end up rolling on the floor with also would have to make sure to watch the movie even after it ends and when they put information of the cast....i mean the loudest laughter in theatre will happen during this part of the movie only.

one of my friend got so impressed with the story that he actually went to LA with his friend, and this friend of mine who has been a teetotaller all his life, even started drinking just to enjoy the way it happens in movie..


Jegu said...

One of the best English comedy movie that i've seen in my life.. :)

I am not that friend.. :)))

Thangaraj N said...

Dai Jegu... Heard from Sam that u r that friend .. ;)