Tuesday, June 9, 2009

kangaroo attacks slumdog

suddenly students are being stabbed, beaten with screw drivers, cars being burnt,petrol bombs being hurled. hungry Indian media had got a beautiful story to run for a month. closeup of bruised student with swollen red face, another student in life support, another very ..very closeup image of abdomen stitches are common pictures in TV now. from what i have heard and seen in online press the Australian media hardly cared or reported any of these incidents. also till date there were hardly any arrests made regarding these incidents. seems like kangaroos are having a nice tiger dish(tandoori) down under.

well somehow this made me think that, the home country or people here or the media here care much more for these citizens who leave the country for higher studies and most likely settle abroad. if a prominent Sikh is assassinated in Austria an entire state in India goes to bundh, buses and trains are being burned and highways blocked, it takes several days to return to normalcy. if an andhra student is killed in US there are debate and resolutions getting passed in state assembly and not to mention headline news in national media. there were rally by students in Chennai against recent attack in Australia. great ! good stand for your countrymen when they are in trouble.show solidarity, politicians and governments mostly forced by their moral obligations tries to get justice for these victims.

OK..now what you get back in return for all this. the single most huge contribution that NRI's have made over several years is entertaining bollywood, kollywood, tollywood artists, inviting them for shows, spending money on amitabh,ash,abhishek's movements. latest trend being they have started inviting cricket stars also. the recent most shocking event that happened in India was 26/11 the entire country mourned over the tragedy, central government sent emissaries to all countries to put pressure on Pakistan, and to some extent it achieved to arrest key people involved. now the obvious question is did Indian's living abroad go out of their way to support the cause, was there any signs or shows of solidarity, a silent rally or anything of that sort. another most intriguing aspect is writing books, blogs and articles showing the country in a very poor light, some of these books have went on to win the coveted 'Booker prize' award and some have made out to be a blockbuster Oscar winning movie, all at the expense of showing the dark secrets of the home country, these people who have gone from this country and settled abroad know very well what to sell in the market, don't they.

i am no saint to write this, but the last time i checked, ..this blog though trivial gives me liberty to write this. thanks for reading.


மணிகண்டன் said...

As a NRI, my contribution to india is to come there once/twice a year and eat in good restaurants. So, I have the eternal right to expect people in india to show solidarity if and when i am attacked in netherlands for any reason.

And i also hope that you would write a blog about it. Would you not ?

Slumdog millionaire is definitely not an offensive movie. The only thing that can offend is the name. Nothing else in the movie shows india in a sad state. It all depends on the perception of the viewers :)-

Sammy said...

SM is not an offensive movie...agreed...for you and me or for most people who write blogs sitting in ac rooms... might not be the same for people living in slums.
.. the author of that book vikas was an indian diplomat who lived most of his life abroad..why is that whoever goes abroad loves to write about the plight of their home country..'dark secrets'.., if they write about globalization of economy or any other revolution do you think it will sell in western countries...write about slums, poverty, wow ..it is an instant hit.

மணிகண்டன் said...

sorry sam. i don't sit in AC room :)- So you got to take back what you said.

you were right when you said that it becomes a hit in western world if someone writes about indian poverty and slum.

And so people write.

probably people who go abroad gets a different perspective and so they write about the plight of people in their native land. Don't you think so ? Is that wrong ?

Sammy said...

ok. agreed on different perspective

//Is that wrong ? //

'dark secrets' of your country..
'rarely helped the affected scoiety'