Thursday, June 21, 2007

Part 2. Work and how not to work

it all started happening in the months of may-june... Internal systems were planning a prestigious landmark in their project by implementing LDAP login and Internet Enabling.

There were lot of meetings, discussions, target dates .. and I was a silent spectator in all the discussions and developments... my manager and the other DBA were literally sweating with ISA ..the mechanism they used for publishin the application in Internet. Anyways i had the previlige of setting up LDAP to work with Peoplesoft.

After this landmark my manager thought he needed a break and went on a long leave...but what a pity ..the main application and db server also decided to take a break ..and it i was into a crisis managemnt team discussion and everybody was searching for a backup as we had a perfect Business continuity process in place... alas our horror we realised then that the backup was being taken in the same server....

Still we managed to recover applications within the critcal recovery time ..thanks to development team and logshipping(forgive me cant explain about this)....would like to mention few names here .....Subbu,jegu,Srini who made that possible. probably this incident made us know each other more, and we started hanging out .

GALAXY ...... i never realised this name would mean so much in my work in hexaware. So here we were working on a plan to move all sql2000 db to sql 2005. From now i started sacrificing all my weekends to GALAXY (bad habit to boast about your sacrifices).

Meanwhile i was all set to occupy a brand new flat that my father has purchased. Sugesh left hexaware and ... i became the Lone DBA in chennai with one of my dear friend managing things in Mumbai.....Slowly we started feeling the pressure of the Job....

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