Monday, September 8, 2008

a deal...... you know as of this writing India can have civil nuclear trade with countries such as france and russia. last week Nuclear Supplier Group, comprising 45 nations agreed on writing to this effect. barring opposition and LEFT, scientist and senior statesmen hailed this decision as this will take the energy starved country forward in the coming decades.

Also in the process India discovered a new enemy, so China officially became the second enemy after pakistan. Obviously our good neighbor who considers itslef as the super power in this asian region, is not overly happy with the progress that India might have becasue of this deal. So amongst the countries that was not in favour of India, china stood top and this stunned several diplomats.

there are 2 aspects to the entire nuclear deal,
1. getting waiver from NSG, this enables India to have nuclear trade with member countries in NSG.this has been obtained after several diplomatic efforts with countries such as Austria,Switzerlans, NZ.So what next. India would try to genrate energy from their nuclear reactors with plutonium purchased from either of these is estimated the nuclear reactors might become functional to their full cpacity by 2020.

2. Indo-US nuclear agreement, this now stands in the US congress for the resolution to be adopted for or against the deal. As far as India's perspective even if the US congress votes against the deal. Nothing stops India from acquiring technology and resources from other countries such as france,russia,canada, etc..

Well if there is one country that becomes profitable immensely of this deal is US, they become a major supplier of muclear technology and resources, and it is estimated this will result directly and indirectly in creating more than 50,000 job opportunites in US. Not to mention the huge revenue and control over another developing Nation with respect to energy.

ok coming to the political scenarios behind the deal. LEFT had stood firm on their stand from time immemorial that they are against the deal. great, win or lose election, stand for your ideologies. Now coming to the other opposition, BJP. there are still few people who contribute this deal success to Vajpayee, who initiated the entire process. After the Pohkran test conducted by vajpayee government in 1998, In Order to convince the UN general assembly the then Indian governmnet went so far close to sign CTBT, comprehensive test ban treaty. So why oppose the deal now ?..taking side with LEFT. was it to bring the government down.. ?..I am sure if they were in power they would have gone all out for the deal themselves.

The present govermnet however had made the deal without any restrictions on Nuclear testing. though there was a leaked letter to US congress which indicate that, US would call off the pact if they conduct nuclear test. this has become the open secret for the country now, if they do a nuclear test, relations and pacts made are cut off...

Nuclear warhead for defence...or Nuclear energy for power genration and development... which side are you in ?..

what does the country need most now or warheads..?.. would this deal solve the energy crisis for the next genration ?...would India be able to challenge China and become superpower in Asia...?

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