Friday, February 8, 2008


.....had an important assignment and i was travelling on the evening of new year, i was happy that i was not made to travel out of station on the month of december, so we were a litlle happy family and celebrated christmas and new year together after a very long time..

the assignment went well, as usual there was pressure from my manager and my client. 3-4 more days left to finish my task. So it was one day like this that i was stuck in one issue to solve and working late night...around 10.45 got a call from my brother...well the tone said it all, it was not a good news. my dad was hospitalised for fracturing a bone near his hip. being a physio himself my brother did analysed the situation very well and made arrangements in a hospital that he had worked 2 years back..this is the second time that my dad was involved in a serious situation, the first one was even worse, and in both the occasions, both me and my brother were not around.. day i realised that i was not able to concentrate on my work anymore..well my manager and client were sympathetic enough to release me and major part of my work in this assignment was also over..well 3-4 days from then i was travelling on air,road and rail.....once standing 6 hours in a train all the way from chennai to trichy, i was travelling from one city to other and arranging logistic support for my dad treatment and getting few formalities done in my dad office...meanwhile my brother flew back to his place..and my dad was recovering fast..

now lent days have started....days starting from ash wednesday till easter are called lent days..there would be forty days during this period when most christians go on fasting and prayer...and i would as always would not take any non-vegetarian food during this period....most churches preach these principles during this period

prayer, penitence, almsgiving and self-denial...

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