Saturday, March 8, 2008

..another weekend, another Saturday and well i seem to spend most of time time alone at my place these more Friday night parties, no more Saturday morning hangovers, and no more pirated DVD movies to watch... on the other end work at office just seem to move along fine, no pressure, no late night work, no weekend scheduled works..but one thing that is interesting in office is i am completely into an technical environment that is very much demanding and new to me.

i have started playing table tennis in office, there are 2 games which have fascinated me a lot football and table tennis....i had played football in my school days, coming from a school that encouraged sports, we played the game with lot of pride and of course many injuries in leg and once in head ...well one thing i can still remember is once me and my friends had a game with the seniors, we were studying std 7...those guys were actually professionally trained by the sports trainer. we did lost the game that day but most people who saw the game and even the seniors saw that we were pretty good and attacking in the game. after that when i moved to a new school in chennai there was literally not much games i played and once i remember we played and it was one sided in which i scored close to 4 goals....

i was performing very poorly in other sports remember just swinging the bat wildly and managing single digit scores...missing easy high catches...volleyball very famous in my school in chennai...not upto the level again..just managing to serve into the court..that was the big achievement.

it was in one of my earlier companies that people taught me tabletennis..and within a short period i caught up the game fast and i was right there in top4 by the end of the year..we played a lot of indoor games during this period carrom, chess and tabletennis ...sports festival happened every year and i managed to beat few big guys in TT..even the guys who taught me and finally lost in the final..after this i became popular guys tried their best to beat me....they liked my serve and everybody was imitating my serve. so what is that special in my game i defeated so many experienced guys...i was very strong in forehand cross court..bit weak in backhand..and i moved so fast and was hitting most of the shots across the table with high speed...i guess its the speed....Guys here in my new company seem to play lot of spin and these guys are too good in backhand also...have marked few guys to knock it is...

Saturday...afternoon 3 pm, boring and watching a movie....possibly next week i might go on a tour to god's own country..

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