Sunday, May 17, 2009

what went wrong !!!

since i have followed the election extensively, which most of my blog readers would agree, today i thought i can put down my own views on this election.

where did BJP fail.

1. they took up the issue of series of terror attacks in the country, they started the campaign with that being there main issue against the current government....mid way through their campaign they found out that the ghosts of the kandahar has come to haunt them.

2. vibrant gujarat..they tried to show the rest of the country that that they have leaders who have done very good in area's of development and administration. and they made Modi as their chief election campaigner. nobody has to teach the opposition to counter this factor, don't they.
the only state where Modi didn't campaign, apparently Nitish didn't allow him to campaign in bihar and BJP allies swept polls there.

3. week this is very interesting. they made a quite man so upset that he came out all guns blazing. apparently there was some 'walk the talk' program LKA did some one year back. which PM quoted and made the 'iron man' surrender. within a span of 2 days sonia, mms,rahul and priyanka ...kept saying so much about kandahar and how he was the home minister then and was not informed about the major decision they took at that time. LKA had nothing to answer for that, he said it is becoming personal and refused to respond.

4. when a journalist throw'd shoe at p.c, congress dropped not one, but two of their party nominations in delhi...dude dropping a candidate in delhi requires lot of gut's really.
when CEC gopalasami, sent an advisor to BJP to drop Varun gandhi, they showed with their constituion experts that CEC has no right to do so and went ahead with their nomination....pilibhit or varun hardly mattered for BJP, but the real message what BJP tried to send to the electorate was, they stood by what varun told in that alleged CD.

5. chief players for BJP - advani, modi and varun, whereas chief players of congress had a clean image - sonia, mms, rahul and being congress friendly the later group hogged headlines before the elections.

in 2004 when BJP was in power, 'india shining' campaign let them down, rural sector didn't have anything to cheer. and they thought that government was too urban friendly.

in 2009 congress didn't make that mistake, actually the recession forced them not to make that mistake. all that they were doing was countering all major allegations BJP made against them, and when they countered they countered it hard. being a election with no major issues BJP went to an extent of making swiss bank money an major election issue, it is definitely an issue to discuss in parliament but not in an election field.

it is easier to write about a losing party, thats the reson i worte this post very easily. and just an after thought at the end of this post i realised i didn't write anything about LEFT failure. this was expected the traditional voters who backed left all along have realised that n-deal is not so bad for the country. they didnt like left trying to pull down the government during its tenure and voted for stability.

'jeya ho ! jaya போ !'


Thangam said...

Yove last but not Least.... Money Played a Bigger .. Biggest Role in this election....

Sammy said...


i wouldn't agree with your view.