Tuesday, January 27, 2009

change has('nt) come...

"yes we can"...."the change we can believe in"
these were the main propaganda that was done by senator obama during his race for presidential nomination and election campaign.now let us see the situation after the senator becomes the president. surprisingly during his address to the country after his swearing in ....he went blah blah on all the common things like fighting terrorism, fighting poverty....and nowhere in his address he mentions "yes we can"..."the change we can believe in", instead there were words like, the current crisis in economy may not be resolved immediately..."it will take time to resolve, but we will prevail".

i would like to ask all obama supporter's this question..when there were thousands of people assembled in a cold weather, looking up to him as a man who is going to solve all the crisis the nation is going through, why was he not able to tell those lines "yes we can". that's because the realisation stuck him now that the situation is beyond his control.
another indicator was world market during and after the power change, there was no indicator to that effect worldwide, in fact many markets traded in red during and after his swearing in.

it is election year in India, five years back there was a slogan used by ruling BJP it was called "india shining", and after the election only they found out that it was shining only for big corporates and high class people's and not for farmers..and the ruling party paid the price for that campaign.

until recently before the results for 5 state election came out, BJP had "fight against terrorism" as there main election slogan, but after the negative results of that election, now they are unsure what to use, and they are being extra careful this time to choose a correct slogan. I think BJP had to go out and make strong regional alliance if they are thinking of winning this election, single majority is not going to happen for any party, it is unfortunate but these are days of co-allition government..

congress for there part are confident that they will have farmers vote this time, "farmers loan waiver scheme" will help them definetly. revival of railway's, N-deal are other achievements, that they will try to project. and as usual congress is not going to project any leader. who knows it might also be rahul gandhi, unless otherwise his "inner voice" says something to him....

third front, already they have projected mayawati as PM candidate and maya is riding on suppport from left parties. Left might not be in a very favourable position this election, personally i think there ideologies might take the country atleast 5-10 years back. i think mayawati can forget becoming a PM and make an ally either with congres or BJP, atleast she might become a king maker.

and now my blah-blah is over....


மணிகண்டன் said...

Change did come. You probably did not notice it !

There is not any need for OBAMA to emote with people as the election has passed and it is mandatory to pacify the expectations !

Sammy said...

it is mandatory to pacify the expectations !

i think it is all that is being doing now.


this news came today, interesting comment at the end.

Jegu said...

You have to wait and see for the changes... I am thinking he used to "Yes we can" to just win the election. Now he is also try to become a same other president in the list. I would say he is far better than Bush who used to speak only the bla bla in any meeting..