Wednesday, November 12, 2008

India vs Zimbabwe series....error... vs Australia

just cant resist putting the above title for this post, In almost all the matches there were heavy scores by the indian batsmen, scoring freely and mounting huge first innings total's in the range of 450-600+ runs, and in one particular match there were 2 indian batsmen crossing 200's....zimbabwe and bangladesh fans can compare their teams with Aussies now, there team wouldnt have conceded 2 double hundreds in a single innings against India. marigin of defeat in terms of run difference were huge 350+ and 150+ and Indian's kept declaring...declaring..getting tired of seeing the australian bowlers, fielders, captain and more importantly the cricket ball running all over the ground(they were supposed to run through the batting lineup).In one match they declared in both the innings, last test match in nagpur was the only time australia took 20 wickets...and guess what there was this krazy person with a krazy debut.. jason kreza, took 12 wickets out of that 20, what shane warne dreamed of doing agaisnt the fab four throughout his career in india, this guy managed to do in his debut, with a high price though.

.. i did watched the final rites being performed on the last day of the series live . When Hayden and company were raring to have a go at the indian bowlers from the start of play, Dhoni and Co were constantly having chats, discussions, forming strategies (..they might have also discussed politics and movie releases i think..)...slowing up the over rate of the innings. most funny part was harbhajan visibly annoyed everyone by having some stretching excerices on his own lying on the ground before starting his runup..this guy knows well how to irritate the Aussies on and off the field.

Ian chappel was screaming on the lunch break about dhoni's tactics of slowing down the over rate. similar screams were voiced for the 8-1 field employed by Dhoni on the third day they say it is a civilised version of bodyline. anybody who knows bodyline, please comment if that was a valid comparison.

Upcoming series would be more interesting i guess, andrew flintoff has got special training from grant flower for playing indian spinners. a part of this english team had defeated Aussies when they were in thier prime form and when they had prime players... a little over 3 years back.....


Jegu said...

I think body line is for leg side..
A Bodyline bowler aimed the cricket ball at the leg stump of the opposing batsman, in the hope of creating legside deflections that could be caught by one of several fielders in the quadrant of the field behind square leg.

This scheme was devised by the English captain, D.R. Jardine in 1932–33 Ashes tour of Australia

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