Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Land dispute.......

..Jammu and kashmir row, almost for a month now this news has made headlines in India, first and foremost this is not just like any other political unrest in the valley. After more than a month since the row started I am starting to hope now that this is not going to turn into a embarrassement for India in international community, already there was news yesterday that pakistan has setup a panel to monior the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, definelty not a good news.

How it all started...the jammu and kashmir goverment trasfers 99 acres of land to a pilgrimage trust, Amarnath shrine board. Apparently this was done to enable the trust to construct temporary huts and toilets for the pilgrims who visit the mountain, it is estimatd approximately close to 4-5 lakh pilgrims visit their pilgirmage in the himalayan mountain.

Now certain section which also forms majority in the state, protest against this fearing that this would affect the demographic balance in the kashmir. ok now the government obviously fearing for the majoirty section in the state, rolls back the land trasfer. this Rollback by the goverment made the other section to protest, gues how did they protest, they made a blockade, they blocked the highway linking srinagar with jammu and rest of the country, this they call it economic blockade, the blockade apart from making a shortage of essential items like food and medicine in the kashmir valley also prevented fruits and other grown items in kashmir from transporting out of the valley into other states for business. This made the farmers to march towards the lOC apparently trying to sell their products in PoK.

I dont think any pilgrims are involved in the protest, instead you got to see various outfits, political activists, communal acitivist who are trying to show their strength, and the outcome schools, colleges, business and not to mention the poor farmers and local people are the most affected. Also this is just not a fight for 99 acres land, not definetly, for several years the two communities had lived in peace, though there has always been a war waiting to happen, and this issue has tirggered it.

There have been talks going on and on, but still i have not heard or read a possible solution for the row yet. Meanwhile our very own seasoned politician and tamilnadu CM MK has given some suggestion to solve the issue to centre, except that he did not make it public, very good political move taking into account the vote bank he has with the minority community...

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