Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lost symbol

Dan Brown novels have always courted controversy, like davince code,and certain sections of angels and demons, which is an absolute thriller. in both these works there will be outright attack on medevial catholic chruches and christianity in general. now with his latest work 'last symbol' there is little or no attack on catholics. and this i think has made the book a total flop(based on my reading only). there is simply logic less explanation for certain main events like CIA running behind a certain villain to stop the villain from releasing a video, and the CIA takes this mission as though a mission to stop the entire world from getting destroyed. the story dragged and dragged and dragged and i took a fair 2-3 weeks to complete. caution made to readers,please do not attempt this one, i already ignored one person caution and had to endure through this difficult reading.

another year is coming to end, recession is receeding, there are signs of recovery, india already has posted 7.9% growth last quarter when alalyst and experts around the world predicted only 6-6.5 growth in india.

i seem to be hearing "oru kal,oru kannadi" song from SMS movie a lot. dont come into any conclusion on "oru heartbreak" for me. i have very few songs in my system and amongst that this song is the best.

finaly one quiz question, how many states will be in india 5 years from now ?


மணிகண்டன் said...

I did like angels and demons. Da vinci code was sort of interesting but this is absolutely boring for me.

Jegu said...

31 is my guess..