Thursday, April 23, 2009 it a Ditch ?

...all the interest i had in IPL last year had gone down this year, mainly due to my extreme interest in politics and also due to chennai SK losing consecutive matches. Contrary to some of my friends, who blame politicans for everything, somehow over the years i have learned to respect political leaders or people in public life.

the first time i was amazed by an tamil leader was seeing Vaiko's fierce speech in parliament some 8-10 years back.(yes a bad start). though over the years the same person has become my most hated leader now.

another tamil leader that i started admiring is p.Chidambaram, when he carries that suitcase to present budget(he has presented budget many times) wearing that traditional tamil dress, it is a proud moment for tamil's. this guy has studied in harvard and they say he is from some royal family in south tn, still he wears traditional dress and his interviews in tamil will never have single english words.

the most recent speech i liked in parliament was made by Omar abdullah, kashmiri political scion, this happened during the no-confidence motion that ruling party faced an year back. for 3 days all elected MP's from all over india spoke and argued, and this guy moslty in early thirties spoke for 10 minutes and media and papers in india carried his speech for the next 2 days. if you wish to hear his speech, it is available in youtube.

coming to recent events, famous sound bytes that created news and my rankings based on the attention it got.

varun--- "^&$$#$%...".........." that was not my voice"
Modi-- "congress is budiya(old and week), gudiya(doll)"
priyanka-- "lets discuss development instead of budiya and gudiya"
Advani -- " weak PM"
Manmohan -- "weeping in corner, BJP Iron man was quick to melt"
Rahul --" i want to ask 2 questions to Advani....."
BJP spokesperson,...."PM manmohan singh is Night watchman..he has to vacate for Rahul"

ok..... as i write this post there are 2 phases of elections that got over.

when 26/11 happened we saw candle light marches and 'we want change' sort of campaign mostly by people in metros, now 5 months after the event there is a genral election happening here and statistics have come out that, voter turnout amongst urban population has not improved and there were poor turnout in cities like bangalore, this amidst many campaings this time by media and other organsations to go out and vote.

now lets put this into perspective, which one is going to help their cause, marches and campaign like this or..going out and choosing/punishing their representative.

it is true that you name any politcian, there will be loads and loads of negative publicity and most of the time serious crime offenses against them, but that has never stopped me from admiring select few leaders or politicians, may be my veiw will change over the years..may be not.


Subbu said...

I realized now that there is a "Ammavaasai" character hidden in you. If you become a politician, then what will you do for our nation...sorry ithu konjam over thaan... what will you do for your street atleast??????

Anonymous said...

Yove Samuel... Atleast you know the topic of IPL... better write blog in that instead of Unknown Mokkai Politics :)

- Thangaraj N

Sammy said...

Subbu...good question, see ayutha ezhuthu.jana gana mana song

on a more serious note ""ask not what the country did for you, ask what you did for the country"""

Thangaraj...would you mind writing names of some current politcian that you like. there must be atleast one. i hope.

Jegu said...

"ask not what the country did for you, ask what you did for the country"

sir, What's the answer for your above quote???

I can accept that PC is some what good guy compare to other.. i always wonder that, when he gives an interview he might be thinking like "i can do only so much in the political world and i cannot do or control everything.. "

Sammy said...

....what you did for the country"

nothing worth writing about as of now.