Tuesday, February 24, 2009

blogger trouble

..the contents of your blog may be used to file criminal charges against you, this judgement came from the highest court of justice, supreme court, and also by a bench comprising chief justice of india, K.G. Balakrishnan.

bench has this to say
"""""""We cannot quash criminal proceedings. You are a computer student and you know how many people access internet portals. Hence, if someone files a criminal action on the basis of the content, then you will have to face the case. You have to go before the court and explain your conduct,' """""""""

read more about the story in this link http://www.itexaminer.com/bloggers-may-face-prosecution.aspx

hope the judicial system has some judgement soon for events happened in judiciary down south....


Jegu said...

Nice to know. Before something goes wrong. :)

KSR said...

hmmm..sort of judgement that shows on how our government understands internet..Few years before they tried to even block yahoogroups and thereby giving popularity to that particular seperatonist group.