Thursday, July 31, 2008

home ..sweet home

..since joining my new company last winter a fair period of time has been spent away from home. Assignments were always 3-4 weeks, so I was lucky enough to keep coming back to my home, before getting on a next assignment. after my first trip outside the country i reported directly to my office in Banglore and was still feeling the pressure to complete the project in schedule and the first weekend in bangalore went off breaking my dull head to solve an important issue.

It was just like any other friday afternoon when bangalorean's were getting ready for a weekend. What started as just a news when the first 2 bomb blast went off, later turned to panic and fear amongst the residents when there were more blasts around the city, but within few hours city was back to normal, and i was happily travelling on a night train to chennai to finish some work at my flat, just as i was boarding the train i got call from my friends to be ready for a short trip next morning. so immediately after reaching my home, i was picked up by my old colleagues and friends and off we went to a falls.

Still tired from my journey i was simply dozing off in the vehicle when everybody around me was partying hard, dancing, beating drums and doings things like that. before getting into water there were this usual sessions in which everybody participated with exception of few. my beloved junior shomik, i had groomed him from a fresher to a very successful DBA and have supported him very much in our profession, he was very particular in returning the favour that day by deciding to teach me swimming, well i tried my best and finally left it for another day to learn.

On our return back to chennai, we decided to visit one of our colleagues house, stanley. within a very short notice, stanley's mom was able to cook dinner for alomst 15-16 guys(some hugely built). and we all took pictures in his house, i was not able to use my camera though, earlier in the day i had got into the river with my camera in shorts pocket. it was raining very heavily in chennai by the time we were reahcing the city and guys decided to stay in my flat for the night. Sunday night i travelled back to bangalore.

i am writing this post sitting in a guest house in bangalore, my short project has come to a logical conclusion and from next week i would be reporting to my office in chennai....home....sweet home.


Jegu said...

It's a sweet home for us too.... If your father ready to give share on this home then we will be extremely happy... ha ha .... I am sure you can't learn swimming.... 5thil valayathathu 50il valayathu....

Anonymous said...

ellam vettipasanga

Prabha said...

Sam, aprom, what happened to your camera???

Sammy said...

Hi jegs, i like challenges, next time lets have a junior has taught me enough. he kept saying "its fear sam" thats why you are drowning. strangely you can see my blog title.. "fear not".

and prabha...well my camera is down and out. no more pictures in my posts.